Decline of deterrence or realization of unnecessary interference

Economist on May 3rd wrote “America is no longer as alarming to its foes or reassuring to its friends” in an article with a heading “The decline of deterrence”. Article can be accessed on this link:


There is no shortage of hawkish political figures in USA’s political arena who wants President Obama to take aggressive measures against those who are flexing muscles in international geo political scenes but very few realize what USA has achieved  going war overtly and covertly in last so many decades. American helped cultivation of jihad culture in  Pakistan & Arab countries to recruit Wahabi and deobandis to fight USSR with the help of Pakistan army & Saudi kings. Americans helped Saddam to counter Iranian revolution but in the end what happened ? wasting billions of dollars of tax payor money what we saw is the worst enemy than USSR. Neither Iranian revolution received any dent nor killing USSR benefited the new civilization. Instead we end up killing Saddam who we supported once and USSR is now replaced with Russia under Putin’s democratic dictatorship. Jennie of Jihadists is out of the bottle. Inspired by first Islamic Caliph Abu Bakr present day Jihadists care less even about Muslims. Any one not with them is infidel and should die, that their motto and they are not limited to Afghanistan & Pakistan. Instead they move freely between different middle east and other Muslim countries to expedite their cause. They want to implement Sharia implemented by 1st and 2nd  Caliphs of Islam . After the demise of holy Prophet Muhammad (sawaw) when majority of Muslims refused to accept him as a Caliph, he decided to kill any one who does not accept him. He forcefully implemented his Caliphate to an extent that he killed more than 15000 Muslims only because they refused to pay Zakat to him. His most popular general Khalid bin Valid killed Prophet’s friend only to marry his beautiful wife, to consume his marriage the same night when she was mourning over her deceased husband. This general of 1st Caliph used dead men’s chopped off heads as support under big pots to cook evening meals. Abu Bakr & Khalid bin Valid are heroes to these Jehadists.These jehadists are following their heroes line od actions in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria and spreading to other countries to implement Abu Bakr style of cruel and altered Sharia. Sharia nothing to do with real Islam rot Prophet Muhammad but we are proud of these friends. USA’s prominent politician and long time-serving Senator McCain proudly visited Syria illegally last year to show support to these enemies of humanity, Islam and America and whole America stayed quite on his stupidity.


Don’t we want to learn lessons from past mistakes. Why should we care about Bashar Al Asad. Why we want to topple him so desperately ? He is a bad guy but why USA has to be police around the world ? Why is it our duty to police every where and at the same time garner hatred from every one we help ? Don’t we remember what happened in Iraq ? What we achieved by toppling Saddam ? More blood shed, more misery more chaos. Is that USA wanted ? Iraqis lost millions and in the end they allied with Iran. Same Iran USA tried hard and spent millions to destabilize.  We support Saudi kingdom while kings are extremely brutal to their own people. Saudia is the nursery and patron in chief of all terrorism in Islamic world. we all know that but still we stay quite on the crimes committed by this notorious nation. We don’t even try to think that all the hijackers who committed 9/11 came from Saudia. Why ?  DId we ever thought why that happened ? Why all hijackers from our friendly state ?

Senkaku Islands Japan China disputed islands a

To me it’s not important what Russia is doing or what China will do with Senkakus Islands. I know despite of present bullying attitude both countries have responsible governments. World powers can still work with them , still can negotiate with them and make things work. But people we want to support in Syria against Bashar are below the level of humanity. These so-called Islamic fighters, jehadists or Salafists, Wahhabis and deobandis, they are worst than animals. What they are doing in Syria, they will not stop there they will become a threat to civilized world. Jehadists sent happily by UK, France, USA  and other parts of the world will eventually come back to their own countries, What do you think they will do when they will come back ? Open businesses ? join social services ? No they will do the same thing what they are doing in Syria. They will kill innocent civilian who they consider infidels.


USA need to rethink her foreign policy. Need to make new friends and ditch old ones. Before it’s too late there is a need of change in  middle east policy. Saudia Arabia is not west’s friend. Saudia is a real enemy. Saudia is the mother of all terrorism. West & USA have to find real friends in Islamic world. Friends who believe in patience and sacrifice. Friends who derive their religion from real heroes of Islam, the progeny of Prophet Muhammad. Imams of Shia who stood for justice and never allowed their followers to do injustice. No doubt present Iranian regime has made it difficult. Iranian regime has skewed the reality of Shia. Iran did commit crimes which Shia Imam’s could not had imagined for their followers. But Shia Islam is the only hope of peace in Islamic countries and a real stopper of criminal Islam. Shia curse first 3 Caliphs for their crimes done against humanity and can not be fooled long by cruel Iranian regime. Iranian regime is not a true representative of Shia Islam. Unfortunately Shia are clinging to it only because of  being minorities in Muslim world and have false hope. The moment alternate Shia leadership show up and provide true sense of hope there is a chance to liberate even Iran  from the clutches of tyrant regime.

America does not have to be deterrent all around the world. America need to focus on its own people, who are suffering from poor economy, poor health and lack of vibrant educational system. On world stage American need to make right choices. We need long-term reliable friends with humanistic values rather than opportunist kingdoms who are disgrace to humanity. USA not need to be a deterrent. USA need good friends requiring least interference. Long live America.

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