Create awareness about Shia apartheid and genocide in Muslim countries and expose worthless rhetoric in support of takfeeri Hamas & Quds.

Work for Humanity & Social justice expressed by Maula Ali (a.s) and follow the path of Imam e Hussain (a.s) to stand firm against all odds.


Systematically Shias all over the world are being dragged into the hell because of false rhetoric against west specially US. This page is to develop awareness against the misuse of term Wilayat e Faqih by ignorant. Shias are being misguided and dragged into extreme dangers in the pretext of false interpretation of this more of a scholastic and academic term seldom used by Ulema in Shia history and clearly explained by Agha Sistani. We want Shia be aware of mistakes done, reasons of Shia apartheid in Muslims countries, daily Shia genocide in Pakistan and dangers ahead for our next generations.

General Information

It’s a place for progressive and liberal Shia and others who are not close minded and would appreciate constructive criticism for the betterment of the future.

Your comments are appreciated. Emails are not shown or shared.

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